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The Death of Paul Pelosi Is a Tragedy

The Death of Paul Pelosi Is a Tragedy

Editorial: The horrifying attack on Paul Pelosi is an attack on democracy

The media are too quick to declare that the death of Paul Pelosi is the second-worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. This may be true, but it will be followed with a number of horrific attacks to be the third-worst. The first one was 9/11, and the one that preceded this was the war in Vietnam.

While the war in Vietnam was not a complete victory, its outcome was far better than that of the war in Iraq. If we had a war like this in Vietnam instead of Iraq, we would not have the terrorist attacks that will be blamed on us.

This has the potential to become an even more horrific war in the Middle East.

The death of Paul Pelosi demonstrates that U.S. foreign policy is no longer guided by rational ideals. We need to get back to a foreign policy that supports the U.S. citizenry who are trying to live better in their homeland. Until we can do that, we must do everything we can to protect our citizens from the attacks of global terrorists who are willing to risk their lives to destroy our democracy.

The death of Paul Pelosi is a tragedy, and one that has a serious impact on the future of our country. A tragedy, however, does not have to be turned into a tragedy.

Instead, we can turn the tragedy into a rallying cry for our country in defense of democracy. It’s time for the American people to hold the government and its political parties accountable for the death of Paul Pelosi, and to begin the process of rebuilding our country as such.

We need to bring in a new administration, preferably with a Republican in office who understands that we are better off with a functioning, transparent government that can’t be easily manipulated by extremists and terrorists. Only then will we be able to begin to rebuild our country back to a functioning democracy.

This is a great opportunity to stand against terrorists and their agendas. If we are to be the best we can be

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