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Serena Williams says she is not retiring from tennis

Serena Williams says she is not retiring from tennis

Serena Williams teases tennis fans as she says ‘I’m not retired’

Serena Williams says she is not retired from tennis and is now ‘in the right place’ to help the country bounce back after the US Open.

The five-time champion stunned the tennis world at the US Open on Tuesday night with a performance that, according to some, was the greatest of her career.

The 18-time major winner, who had been widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest athletes in history, now says she is not done with the sport.

“I’m not retiring and I’m not retiring,” she said, adding she wanted to “speak for all women”.

“We can’t be intimidated.”

Instead of retiring, she says she wants to “make this a place where every player is proud to be a part of it”.

“I’m in the right place to do that,” she said.

“I’m the right person to push this culture of inclusion back to the forefront.”

She believes her ability to inspire her former and current tennis partners is “a positive thing”.

“They look up to me,” she said.

“They want to follow in my footsteps. They look up to me. They want to be like me.

“I’m happy to share that and it’s good for us as well.”

Williams says she will always stand up for equality.

“I always say, what’s the end goal? Do we just want to give equality? Do we just want to give everybody what they deserve? Do we just want to just give everyone what they deserve?

“I’m not saying it’s the easiest thing to do, but we have to try. We have to try and do everything we can to move forward.”

Williams says she hopes her recent performances will help her fans to “move on” and “embrace the new normal”.

“They’re happy where they are right now and I’m happy where I am right

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