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The woman in the SUV was killed in a road-rage incident

The woman in the SUV was killed in a road-rage incident

Denise Richards uninjured after ‘terrifying’ road-rage shooting in Los Angeles

Los Angeles police were called to a road-rage incident after the driver of a luxury SUV refused to pull over after being told he would be pulled over.

Police say a woman pulled out her handgun after being asked to stop by the driver. He then sped off and struck an SUV that was in the middle row in the 5100 block of North La Brea Avenue.

The driver of the luxury SUV, who cops say is a man, was killed in the crash.

Now, her life hangs in the balance.

“She said she’s in very bad shape, that she’s going to lose her leg or the knee or the arm. She’s in very bad shape,” Richard’s brother and sister said. “We’re going to have to be with her through the night.”

A witness, who heard the gunshot during the incident, told NBC Los Angeles, “[She] was in a vehicle, so it’s always scary when it’s a vehicle-in-vehicle. To be at the wheel of the vehicle, not in control of the vehicle, is scary.”

“I just saw it coming from the driver side, and I saw the driver turn his head, and he looked at me, and I don’t mean like he just sort of looked at me, so I saw the driver turn his head and I thought he was going to put his hand in his hip pocket, and I was just in shock,” he said.

He added the driver got into an argument with another man.

“It’s very scary, because it’s a woman sitting in a vehicle, and a man has his hand in his hip pocket. It’s very scary,” he said.

The woman in the SUV, who was driving, was uninjured, and was transported to the hospital.

The man who was driving the SUV was arrested and charged with assault

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