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The Spanish couple and their daughter are married

The Spanish couple and their daughter are married

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico reveal that they’re married

We all know about the famous Spanish couple and their beautiful daughter.

They are now official couple.

The couple revealed their relationship on Instagram, sharing their first kiss in the same post.

Their daughter is now only 10 days old.

“We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary with our family and loved ones on August 24,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It was an absolute honor to be with so many of you, our family, and friends for what was the most incredible 10 days of our lives.

“Thank you for showing up, for being so beautiful, for loving us with all your heart, and everything in between.

“You’ve been my joy, my inspiration, my family, my friends, and most of all my bestfriend and my amazing wife.”

The couple have already welcomed their daughter, a girl they named Isabella.

The adorable baby is named after the Spanish singer “Luna” and the little girl was born on the same day of the couple’s anniversary.

The photo was captioned: “I am so happy to share this moment with my best friend Isabella. We’ve been through a lot together and it’s amazing to look at her and know that we’ve survived as a family.”

They decided to show their love with this photo even though they knew the internet would show them how in love and married they really were.

“But we’re so glad the family and friends were there – and we’re so glad you were. And what an amazing family they are so loved by everyone, especially our daughter. Thank you for all you’ve done to help us live out our dreams,” they said.

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This is so weird to see, but a couple I have been in contact with said their daughter was born on the same day, and that they were married. They confirmed to me that they are in fact married and also said they will be in touch to share the good news with their daughter.

I’d like to say that I don’t remember the news story but it was like in a tabloid (I think it was in T-noreast) and

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