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The Love That I’ve Feeled For Her

The Love That I’ve Feeled For Her

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico reveal that they’re married to their former teachers in a touching touching photo.

The two women first met when they were students at a school in Orlando, Florida when they met a teacher by the name of Dr. Francisco Rivera. He was a handsome man who always wore a white lab coat with a blue shirt underneath – everything was very classy. In the summertime, he would stroll around in his beach shorts and he was always in a great mood. One day when Rivera was walking around the school, he spotted a beautiful Puerto Rican girl with long curly hair, wearing a red, white, and blue plaid skirt. So, he asked her out. The girl was not interested at first but he told her that he was on a mission and needed her help as he was trying to become a doctor – so she accepted his offer. Soon, they became inseparable and had many sweet moments together including swimming in a hotel pool, playing board games late at night, and attending a concert and dance in the summertime. They started dating until they graduated in 1996. After graduating, they started a business together with her mother and together they created a company called “Boutique Style” which allowed people “to make their own fashion statement” without having to spend too much money.

When Rivera lost his job, he was not pleased with the way things were going and it saddened him to think that even after all these many years, they weren’t married. So, he decided to have the time of his life and asked the young woman to marry him.

In 2005, he lost his home as their business was failing and he was forced to relocate.

“The love that I’ve felt for her is what I missed in my life.” Rivera, who lives in Florida and is now divorced, said.

But the love didn’t stop his marriage from falling apart. The couple was fighting a lot and they were fighting over money issues. The stress with money really got to Rivera and one day when he came home from work, his sister noticed

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