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The Liberals Can’t Provide Child Care for the $26.5 Billion People Who Can’t afford It

The Liberals Can’t Provide Child Care for the $26.5 Billion People Who Can’t afford It

Ontario weakened its $10-a-day child care funding rules. Now the federal government is demanding answers.

On August 5, 2019, the Liberal government announced that it would impose $10-a-day child care funding rules.

The government reasoned that it is better for parents to pay their children $10 than to keep providing them benefits that are not sufficient to allow them to have them, especially when more than half the population of our country (almost 4 million people) cannot afford to pay for child care. Many Ontario parents, however, are unable to afford this.

Many parents cannot pay $10 for each kid because their income is so low and because their child care costs are high.

And they are desperate for the $10 — for the child care that their children need.

It is impossible to provide child care for kids under $30,000.

And it is impossible to provide the $10 subsidy to people when the cost of child care for their children is prohibitive.

When a single parent with a full-time job makes $22,000 a year, it costs them $1,400 a month to provide full-time child care. And if they cannot afford that, they cannot afford to feed their kids with $13.50 a day.

The Liberal government believes that providing child care for those that cannot afford it is unfair.

But the Liberals do not know how to provide child care for the $26.5 billion people who cannot afford it.

And to do that, the Liberals need funding to get child care services up and running again.

To accomplish that, the Liberals must answer these questions:

What is the cost of child care? What is the true cost of child care? What child care fees do you have to pay to get child care for your kids? Do you have a child support order against you? What is an appropriate daycare subsidy for you

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