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The Cardinals Win Game 1 of the World Series

The Cardinals Win Game 1 of the World Series

Philadelphia’s Rob Thomson Makes the Right Calls in World Series Game 1

It was one of the most memorable postseason games in recent memory – and certainly one of the most exciting. It was a tight game with the Brewers scoring two in the sixth and two in the seventh as Milwaukee rallied to take Game 1 of the World Series.

The Cardinals were left with a 6-3 lead but it was too little too late. After eight innings, the Cardinals were up 3-0 and the Brewers were up 4-1. It was a dramatic moment to end the game when Milwaukee had three men on with nobody out before the Cardinals rallied to force a force out.

But it wasn’t like the Brewers were out of it by any means. It was a tight game but the Cardinals’ offense managed to make them pay for every single run. Their offense didn’t turn it on like they have in the past but the Cardinals did have some chances to win the game.

So why did the Brewers get the win? We looked through the stats and found the right calls that came out of the game. Here is a look at the top five calls from the game:

Calls Made:

No. 5 – Matt Carpenter – 3-1 pitch to Jason Heyward – Bases loaded. Hit by pitch to end the inning.

No. 4 – Matt Holliday – 2-1 pitch to Jhonny Peralta – Bases loaded. Hit by pitch from first to third.

No. 3 – Aroldis Chapman – 2-1 pitch to Matt Holliday – Bases loaded. Hit by pitch to end the inning.

Holliday was the main difference on the game. He hit by pitch twice and a pitch to him in the first inning as well. The Brewers went up 1-0 with the top two outs of the inning. That’s why both of those pitches came in the bottom half of the inning.

In the second inning, the Brewers put the pressure on the Cardinals by loading the bases and having two men on with none out. The Brewers had runners at second and third and were looking to get out of the inning. There was a chance that the Cardinals would give up the lead.

This is where we can use the two-run homer to end the inning as well. If you have runners at second and third, you have to throw at least one pitch to give up a run

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