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Serena Williams shows off new tennis shoes and racket during Australian Open opener

Serena Williams shows off new tennis shoes and racket during Australian Open opener

Serena Williams teases tennis fans as she says ‘I’m not retired’

Serena Williams made a surprise appearance at the Australian Open on Tuesday as she showed off her new shoes for the competition.

The three-time Australian Open winner has been heavily criticized by tennis fans after she said in March that she wasn’t retiring any time soon.

Williams took out her brand new kicks to put on display during the opening day of the tournament on Tuesday, during which she said she’s “not retired yet.”

The tennis great appeared in her new black and gray pair of Jimmy Choo court shoes, which took the athlete over 500 million dollars to source, in a post on her Facebook page.

“I’m so happy with my new shoes,” she said in a video posted to the page. “I’m not retired yet.”

Serena Williams arrives at the Australian Open

The former world number 1, who is set to face Serena Roger in her third-round match at the Australian Open on Wednesday, then took to her Twitter page to reveal what happened in the locker room after she said she wasn’t retiring soon.

“Didn’t think they’d be that nice,” she said, looking up in her locker.

Williams added she did not want the shoes to be a gift to her, but rather just to give to an Australian school in order to help the children who needed them most.

“It’s amazing the type of money you can spend on something so simple,” she said.

The three-time Australian Open winner was also seen taking out a new pair of shoes and another tennis racket while on the court during her Tuesday competition.

“There’s a lot of things I’m trying to get used to,” she said. “Hopefully, I can get used to my new shoes one day.”

Williams’ new sneakers from Jimmy Choo

During her first-round match against Simona Halep on Tuesday, Williams did not play a single point. She told her fans on social media that she was getting plenty of rest.

“I don’t have any injuries that are bothering me,” she said. “I am not injured so I am not getting any rest. That’s something I’m really happy about. I do not want to rest when I am playing important matches.”

During the match, she also took some time to pose for a photo with her fans as she put

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