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Rafael Nadal is back at the US Open after a decade away

Rafael Nadal is back at the US Open after a decade away

American Frances Tiafoe upsets Rafael Nadal in 4th round of US Open

Rafael Nadal has been a constant presence on the courts of the US Open since making his debut in 2000. Now, he finds himself in a new and intriguing situation: his return to the tournament after a decade away.

Nadal is no stranger to the US Open, having won the tournament back in 2006, when he was playing in the junior section. But in the last few years, the Spaniard has struggled with injuries. He has missed nearly half the tournaments for many years. And now, he finds himself once again at the US Open after suffering a torn ACL, a ruptured Achilles tendon, and a broken wrist, among other ailments. Nadal took to Facebook on Friday to announce that he is ready to return at the US Open.

Nadal plays against Nick Kyrgios in the third round. And the 24-year-old American, a 5-foot-10, 160-pound left-hander, will be looking to take a step forward from his previous performances.

He took a lot of heat for his controversial tweet of the US Open being the best tournament in the entire world. Nadal took a more neutral stance, calling tennis “the most popular sport in the world.”

But here we are at the US Open, and now you’re back to prove your point?

I’m actually excited to be back in the US Open. I’ve played in six major tournaments. The US Open is my fifth. I’m just going to enjoy playing, and hopefully in a few years, people won’t remember me being here in the quarterfinals.

So Nadal may have actually won the US Open the last time he was here in 2006.

Nadal has been on a five-year hiatus. And it wasn’t just in the form of his body. The Spaniard has fallen in love with a certain country, a certain woman, and an idea for his new game.

The US Open is the only tournament that really represents

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