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Pastor Bruxy Cavey is on his way to court after accusing him of sexual harassment

Pastor Bruxy Cavey is on his way to court after accusing him of sexual harassment

Her allegations brought down megachurch pastor Bruxy Cavey. Then the anonymous trolls came for her.

A Texas pastor is on her way to court after she reportedly sent a series of anonymous tweets, accusing the pastor of sexual assault and harassment.

Rachael Bland, an active-duty officer for the city of Houston, was arrested in April for tweeting accusations that her ex-boss, pastor Bruxy Cavey, sexually harassed her.

“I was the only girl under the age of 30 in every meeting and group in leadership for 4-5 years,” Bland wrote in her first tweet, which was published on Sunday. “At times, I thought I was just imagining things because of how he spoke to me and treated me. I thought that was normal, but then I had a dream he would come to my house to meet me and ask me out.”

Bland and another officer, David Toler, responded to the anonymous claims about Cavey in a series of tweets: “When I found out he was trying to convince me to come out to him I was shocked. I felt like he was trying to use his power and influence to have sex with me.”

She later tweeted that she was “overwhelmed by the amount of lies and sexual harassment” she had just read in an email from a woman who worked for Cavey at a previous church.

“I feel I am being set up to cover for him and I am very scared,” she wrote.

She also accused him of “having inappropriate conversations with me, making lewd and inappropriate comments about me, and giving me gifts. I also am afraid he will use me like many of the women he has hurt who had their lives ruined trying to escape this pain. I am terrified of him.”

Bland had been working for the pastor at the Pearland Church of Christ since the fall of 2015 and reported the abuse to the congregation, according to reports from Inside Houston and KTRK-TV.

An attorney for Cavey told the Texas Tribune in April that the pastor had settled the case three days after police arrested Bland on charges of tampering with a governmental record. The district attorney said it wasn’t legal to settle such a case without a criminal trial.

After the arrest, a Twitter

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