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Nancy Pelosi is an old girl with no new ideas

Nancy Pelosi is an old girl with no new ideas

Letters to the Editor: Nancy Pelosi shows the need for more women leading government

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem to understand what women want. She is an old girl, with no new ideas of her own. If she wants a real government to implement change she will have to step down. Women don’t need another Nancy Pelosi. We need women to make decisions that suit our needs and empower us.

She has been running for over five years now. She won’t see the end of the election for another five years. Maybe then, she will understand what woman want and get out of the way.


West Sacramento

The good guys in America are the ones winning the peace

I am sick and tired of seeing that America is always under attack in foreign countries where our soldiers and military personnel are getting abused. It is the fault of the people who live in the United States that we allow this to happen.

We should help our soldiers and troops abroad, but this nation also needs to help the countries who attack us.

We need to stop the foreign wars or at least give our troops more time to get home alive or we should just stop sending them off to be killed, maimed or wounded in foreign countries.

We live in a country that seems to have no values except for how much money you can get in your pocket. We forget the values that we as individuals have. The country we live in does not reflect our values. When a person makes a promise, they should keep it. It is the same with the military. We are under the same threat as the people who attack us. If we as civilians can’t hold up our end, I fear for the safety of the military.

I think the world over, the most dangerous people are in our own country, and we are letting them have the run of the world.

I agree that America shouldn’t be sending our troops anywhere if it was a good idea to let them go on the battlefield when they return safe home.

I think the world would be better off if we let America fight the battles for us rather than us fighting the battles for the world. I personally believe that the wars in Iraq would have been over already if the people

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