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Nancy Pelosi is a Hard-Core, Conservative Democrat

Nancy Pelosi is a Hard-Core, Conservative Democrat

Calmes: Nancy Pelosi, the GOAT, and her “C’s”

While I was in Cleveland this weekend, I got the chance to sit down with Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House. We got to chatting about all sorts of things, including the House budget and our current economic situation.

I was very pleased by her interview: Speaker Pelosi spoke intelligently, calmly and firmly. She is a hard-core, conservative Democrat with a clear vision of where we need to go.

I’ve watched her over the years. As a liberal Democrat, she certainly isn’t perfect, but she also isn’t a total idiot; most Democrats like her. Many conservatives, however, feel the same way, and their disdain would be warranted.

Her opposition to virtually every one of President Trump’s social policies would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic. If she could have said her opposition to these things was anything other than total opposition, it would be laughable. But because she can’t do so, she is reduced to the pathetic act of playing the victim and blaming the President.

In one particularly memorable moment, Pelosi defended her “C’s” by saying (paraphrasing) “I want people to be able to afford the $400 cable bill or the $4,000 mortgage payment. At the end of the day, I want people to have a job.” Even her Democratic colleagues were forced to admit that this “job” line was beyond the pale.

I would argue she is both right and wrong. A good thing for her she isn’t so much looking down the nose at these things as saying “I want people, and by people I mean the president, to have to work for their living.”

It is a testament to her intelligence that she is able to look at the issues honestly without becoming defensive and angry. It is also an indictment of her ability that she can do this while still appearing to be a tough-as-nails fighter.

While we’ve seen her take a lot of punches, there is no doubt that she has the character and will keep fighting through them all. Even when her colleagues don’t get it, she does.


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