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Madonna to sign five-figure contract with Miami clinic

Madonna to sign five-figure contract with Miami clinic

Shakira moving to Miami with sons; reaches custody agreement five months after Gerard Piqué split with singer


A child will soon know the truth about his birth father.

Madonna is set to sign a five-figure contract with a Miami clinic in the next few months after admitting she is no longer willing to have children with her now-ex-husband, actor Gerard Piqué.

The singer says she is ready to start a new life after ending a relationship with the world-famous actor after more than a decade together.

Following the split, the pair have continued to support each other through a legal dispute.

The decision to move to Miami comes after Madonna was forced to cancel a concert in London in October due to Piqué’s legal fees.

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She spent £100,000 on legal fees, plus a £500,000 performance fee, to secure an out-of-court settlement in May.

The singer made the announcement in a video posted on her Instagram late on Wednesday.

“At first I couldn’t believe it,” Madonna said.

“I have always been happy to support him, but now we are no longer together I am ready to move on.

“I have been really lucky to have had the support of my children and my family. But I have decided to leave my children and my family behind and to focus on making the best of my life.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in me. I will always love and appreciate you.

“I am now excited about starting a new life with a new partner who is also very happy. We have a lot to work together towards.”

The pair’s split has left fans shocked and upset.

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The singer was initially forced to cancel another concert in London last month as the legal battle continued.

However, she cancelled that date anyway to move to South Florida after Piqué’s legal team requested the singer not return to the UK until the singer has had the chance to

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