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Jude Bellingham tells Matt Lauer he has no problem with racist bullying

Jude Bellingham tells Matt Lauer he has no problem with racist bullying

‘Maybe we are alone’: Jude Bellingham questions whether authorities ‘care’ about racist abuse directed at Black footballers

Jude Bellingham has spoken about racism within South Yorkshire Police and warned of social media trolls who target Black people in the force.

The former Tottenham forward, 39, spoke on ‘The Today Show’ and told Today presenter Matt Lauer that while he had never seen a case of racist abuse directed at a Black footballer, he had become fed up with the behaviour towards people of colour.

Jude Bellingham tells Matt Lauer he has no problem with racist bullying but feels it’s more prevalent with Black people than other groups.

Bellingham told Lauer in the interview that he had been one of the victims of racial abuse at Spurs and had also lost his life to a racist bomb threat.

He also spoke about the harassment he has been subjected to at the hands of trolls, who he believes “like to focus on the people like me, the Black people who are in this country.”

Bellingham told MailOnline the racist abuse was ‘worse’ with the Spurs player who was targeted by trolls, as he has spoken to police who have investigated and found no evidence the threat was genuine.

He also spoke of the fact he had been threatened with violence and told him: “I was told I need to be careful what I say.

“I’ve had a bomb threat and I’ve been threatened with knives, and I am not going to be threatened by anyone ever again.”

Bellingham went on to say that racism is ‘all around us’ but that he only found it more prevalent with Black people compared to other groups.

“There are probably people who do abuse black and white people and there are probably people on Twitter saying they don’t mind racism, but it’s the ones who are not black or white who you have to worry about,

“I don’t feel the police or the CPS care about these things.”

The former Tottenham forward continued: “The only people who care about racism are people of colour. I don’t know about you, but that’s where my care goes.

“I don’t care about the people who are saying it’s OK or the people saying it’s not, but

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