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Cane Corso Dogs Found in Santa Ana

Cane Corso Dogs Found in Santa Ana

16-year-old girl mauled by six Cane Corso dogs in Thousand Oaks

SANTA ANA COUNTY, Calif. — The bodies of the six dogs that mauled a teenager in Ventura County last week have not been recovered, authorities said Monday.

The remains of two Cane Corso dogs were found Sunday in a wooded area near the Santa Ana River, but it’s unclear what prompted their release and why they chose that area near the river, said Santa Ana Police Sgt. John White.

“We don’t know yet,” White said.

The two dogs found Sunday night were one-year-old Dobermans, White said. The other was an older male dog who appeared to be around 10 years old.

This is the second time in recent years the city has had to release Cane Corso dogs from the pound, he said.

A total of 12 dogs were rescued from a pound in Anaheim in September 2012, when eight dogs were found dead at the pound.

“We’ve done some public awareness campaigns about the Cane Corso problem, and we’ll continue to do that (this) summer and fall,” said White.

The dogs were reportedly seen on the street after the girl was attacked.

Ventura County animal control officer Dave Williams said he has never seen the dogs so much as play with children.

“My fear is this is a very dangerous dog and potentially a big problem for kids and children on the street,” Williams said. “I would like to caution any parents who have kids that might be seeing these dogs, they need to be very cautious,” Williams said.

Williams said the dogs’ teeth could pierce bone.

He said it’s not uncommon to save a dog when it is an old dog and there are no signs of trauma.

“The older the dogs are, the more difficulty there really is in getting them to survive for any length of time,” Williams said. “It is usually euthanasia.”

The girl who was attacked in Ventura County last week is in stable condition, Los Angeles County Fire Department Capt. Mark Waring said Monday.

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