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Best of 2014: Beer

Best of 2014: Beer

How ‘The Menu’ got the horrors of high-end fine dining right (again)

It’s like the restaurant on TV shows, only with much, much less alcohol.

This week’s Best of 2014 is brought to you by what might be the most important thing: beer.

Here, The Times examines (in a word-a-minute kind of way) what might be the most important thing of all: beer. Specifically, craft beer. What, exactly, is a craft beer? What makes one craft beer better than another? Where should one begin drinking craft beer? How does the industry work? How do those little guys in the brewery make it? Why are brewers putting up the money to build breweries and what does that tell us about what’s in store for us in 2015? Did we just get ourselves a two-for-one special?

What’s next? We’ll keep you posted.

I’ll leave you with a few pics from the past two days. First up, a “fuzzy” but very accurate portrait of New York Times media columnist Michael Lind. Lind – who’s been a staple of The Times’ food section for years – has been so busy covering the local food scene that he’s been relegated to a daily gig at the back of the paper, filing his food-and-drink stories, making fun of the food editors and other newspaper bores and serving as the paper’s public face.

The man knows his stuff. Which is how we ended up here:











The Times’ dining columnist is Michael Lind

What a time to be a pizza-eating journalist.

I recently had the pleasure of dining at a restaurant that serves nothing but pizza. But when I looked at their menu online, the name of the restaurant didn’t even make sense because they were making pizza using only pizza dough.

This led to the creation of my own term: pico-dough pizza. It’s a pizza that’s made only using pizza dough. This is a dish, quite

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