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Azalea is a “white girl” who is not wearing a headscarf

Azalea is a "white girl" who is not wearing a headscarf

Iggy Azalea isn’t really mad at Raiders reporter who dissed her: ‘Please relax’

Azalea is in town for the Raiders’ first home open practice Friday at 8 a.m.

Azalea was one of the first celebrities to come out in support of Donald Trump, and was then criticized by former ESPN journalist Jemele Hill for not wearing a headscarf.

On Thursday, Azalea and her Instagram account were briefly overrun with comments bashing Hill, although she was more than willing to hear out her detractors.


“Please relax, and you’re being immature, don’t feed my anger,” Azalea wrote. “I’m angry because what you’re doing is disgusting and I’m tired of you calling us ‘white girls’ like you’re talking about us that way, I think the whole ‘whiteness’ is a little bit offensive.”

Azalea also said other people have tried to get her to change her mind about supporting Trump, but she has rejected their pleas.

“Every person who tried to talk to me about supporting Trump and telling me to support Hillary, I’m like, ‘It’s fine, I support whoever the president is,” Azalea said at a rally Thursday. “Like I’m not going to say anything when it comes to a certain demographic of people, it’s a certain type of people.”

Azalea came to Oakland last week for a public meeting with the Oakland Raiders, but the team was not in attendance because players were busy working out and preparing for the NFL opener Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

A lot of the criticism aimed at Hill seemed to be that she is using race to draw attention to an important point. Azalea was not aware that she was being criticized for being a “white girl” while wearing a head scarf.

“It’s disgusting,” Azalea said. “I’m not saying what somebody else has said, I haven’t said anything.”

She said she has a “real problem with white supremacy” and she thinks it is something that is not only affecting

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