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Anita Baker’s New Tour With Songify

Anita Baker's New Tour With Songify

Anita Baker fans rapturous over the songstress’ new tour (and it has a stop in L.A.)

The band kicked off its U.S. tour earlier this week, performing with Anita Baker at the Hollywood Palladium, and then hit the road through California. The band recently went backpacking in Northern California, and is currently at home recording new studio material.

The L.A. performance — which you can find in the video player above — was Baker’s first major U.S. tour since 2016, when she performed in a small tour of the Southeast and Texas.

“It’s been a dream to do this,” she tells Songify. “I was so excited when we got the call from our booking agent telling us to go backpacking.” The band, Baker says, was all set to go for a tour of the Southeast, but then the weather turned too bad. “We didn’t know if we were going to be able to finish our shows. We were going to make it out, but we didn’t know if it was going to be on time. We weren’t sure how high the tide would be going in.”

“We had to change the dates,” Baker tells Songify. “I was so happy we did because it gave us a chance to go backpacking. [We were still] going to be on tour, but at the same time to go backpacking in Northern California. I feel like it’s really cool. For me it was the first time I took a break from music, and it felt really good.”

As a matter of fact, Baker went backpacking in the summer of 2012, when she had a month off from the road and had an opportunity for some personal travel. “I just went to L.A. and to the Bay Area, and it was so amazing, and for my second trip to Northern California I went to Yosemite and Monterey,” she says. “It was such a nice place, and you just have that time to do whatever you want to do. I was in the most beautiful spot to think of the most beautiful places.”

Baker’s new tour with Anita Baker is a huge change in the artist’s routine, and she seems happy for the change. “You’ll be seeing a very different Anita Baker,” she told

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